Samsung front glass screen repair

samasung front glass repair

samsung front glass repair

frequent questions regarding the samsung front glass repair:

Q;  My Samsung galaxy s6 screen is functional but the front glass is shattered can you replace the glass without breaking the lcd? and how much?

A: yes we can, as long the touch screen and lcd are fully functional and there are no unusual marks, the prices are here

Q: I called other company and they say that no one can’t replace just the outer glass without breaking the lcd, how come you can do it?

A: As a result of our proprietary process,  we can offer the lowest price of one of the most common repairs, and one of the most expensive ones.

we can charge about 1 third of what other company would charge for the same kind of repair.

Since the price for the piece of glass goes from $10 up to $35 depending of the model plus 1 to 2 hours fee which is what the process takes.

Q: this other company  say they can replace the glass, it would take one or two business days and if they break the display during the process I have to pay for the lcd.

if you break the display during the process do I have to pay for the display as well?

A: we don’t understand why those companies want to charge the costumer for their own mistakes, or why they turn around is too long, most likely that they don’t have the experience to backup their services.

You can be confident we you come to Get It Fixed, even though we have few cases where the display has been damaged during the process, we never had to charge our costumers for such mistake.

Q: When I called this other company they told me that if  I get the glass replaced, the touch screen would not work properly anymore, is it true?

A: only if no uv glue is apply to the screen

There are some companies that charge extra fee to apply that glue, but we always use the UV glue no extra charge because we know that’s the only right way to do it..

Q: Can you replace just the glass without replacing the display on my galaxy s6 edge/s7 edge/ note edge/galaxy s6 edge plus?

A: Unfortunately we can not replace just the glass on any of the samsung edge series, since the top glass is the actual touch screen digitizer and it’s soldered to the lcd display.

Q: How long does it usually take ?

A: Older models like s3, s4, s5, s5 active, note 3 and 4, usually take 40 mins,  but due to the thinner and stronger layers of adhesive on new models such as the galaxy s6 or the water proof s7  the process can take up to 4 hours

Not convinced yet? here are some of the reviews that people posted on yelp or google on 2015 and 2016 for this kind of repair


Un-freakin-real. Want your phone fixed with no bull sh**? Want it done in an hour for cheap as F**k? This guy IS THE MAN!!!! I cannot stress it enough.  Classy as f*ck office in the bow valley square like a block from the train, nice receptionist greeted me and sat me in the office lobby while I waited only for a few minutes for the cellphone God himself to emerge.  You think i’m laying it on think? B**ch I cant lay it on THICK ENOUGH! this guy is a freakin MAD MAN. fixed my phone in an hour. Sh*t was shattered as balls. couldn’t see a damn thing and I LOVE my s3. All humor aside though, this guy was professional, young, and a fantastic business man. no fancy frills or gimmicks. Guy sits in an office doing this sh*t all day erry day.  A true gentleman and a master of his craft.  I had dip shi*ts quoting me 240 and a weeks time for something this guy did for 50 bucks in an hour.  Looking to have your phone repaired? Ur done now, son.

This is the fastest and the most reliable mobile repair company. My samsung s3 screen got damaged twice and they understand how much I was disappointed and they repair it for me in 2 hours with a reasonable cost.

Thanks a lot

Awesome!  Half the price of the other guys downtown, really quick and a good guy.

Broke my Samsung  sat night had it fixed Sunday . Very fair  prices very professional and efficient. Almost half the price other places are charging with 5 star service.
Will definitely refer people to this place.

Edgar runs a great shop.  He is quick, courteous and offers better prices than competitors.

I cracked the screen of my iPhone and had him replace it.  A few weeks later it popped out, likely through no fault of his.  I came in and he popped it back in and said that if there was an issue down the road he would replace it for free.  Eventually I had another problem and I approached Edgar – not sure how he wit would actually work out.  I expected to pay atleast half but he stayed true to his word and replaced my screen at no cost.  I really don’t know how it happened or whose fault it was, but I do know Edgar didn’t have to honor his commitment. He did however.  I would recommend him to anyone.

The service was efficient, clean and done as agreed during the free estimate call. The prices are the fairest in Calgary as of Oct 2014. I will be referring this technician to my friends and colleagues in the future. The fixed device was Samsung Galaxy S4 – replaced front panel frame including glass, LCD and digitizer as well as the middle frame.

Amazing and fast service! I had my cellphone’s cracked screen repaired in half an hour for $60. It doesn’t get better than that. Great work and convenient location!

The gentleman was fast, professional, and did great work.  If you have a damaged phone I would not hesitate to recommend his services.

This man deserves some credit for what he does.  I took my Samsung S4 to him to repair the screen, after a bad repair from someone else where glue jus leaked all over my phone.  He replaced my front facing camera at no extra charge as well!  Best prices guaranteed.  I’m very happy as my phone looks brand new again.

Fast Service and great work. Looks like new again! Called him in the morning and got my phone back fixed in the afternoon. Only takes about 1 hour – $65 for repairing the glass on a Galaxy S4.

Absolutely phenomenal work, very professional and quick. Took only 20 minutes to repair my completely shattered iPhone 6 screen. Not much for idle chit chat, but lovely nonetheless. Highly recommend his fabulous work!

What other business can you phone at 5:00 pm on a Sunday on a long weekend and talk to a real person? And then who says he’ll be there until 6:30 and you can bring your broken-glass Samsung 4S in to be fixed, and it will take about 30-40 minutes? And then when you arrive at 5:30, takes you up to a waiting area with a spectacular view of the city, heads off with your phone and then returns it in less than 30 minutes, glass replaced and looking fabulous.

An efficient, timely, quality repair for $65. Highly recommended!

Great job! Replacing my Galaxy Note 3 glass panel took 40 min and the cost was only $80. The waiting area is an awesome high level viewpoint on the city. We contacted Get It Fixed on a late Sunday afternoon and got the reparation done right away. I was the last customer of the day and yet the quality of the work was excellent. Very Professional.

This was a great experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I contacted ‘Get It Fixed’ – fortunately for me, the company certainly lives up to the rave reviews online. They quickly, and very efficiently, replaced the shattered glass on my Nexus 5…all for an extremely reasonable price (well below what their competitors quoted).

Fantastic job, gentlemen – I would very highly recommend!!!

I had to make an account just to give this guy a review. I came in after dropping my phone face down on cement. The left side was pretty well shattered and the cracks sprawled across my screen. My repair took a little longer than I planned (about an hour), but it came back 100% fixed. It was like I got a brand new phone! The touch screen works perfectly and the whole repair is flawless.

Make sure to bring some music or a book as the repair may take at least 30 minutes judging from others posts, or you can simply enjoy the view of downtown in a peaceful office setting.

The rates are great, works quick, and the end product is phenomenal. Will recommend to anyone I know with a broken phone.

You won’t find a better phone repair shop – for both service and technical expertise!  I’d all but given up on the phone that my son kept in his pocket as he jumped into the pool.  We tried the rice trick and everything else.  This was my last hope.  I dropped it off and within 1/2 an hour, they had the phone working again.  We’re both very, very happy customers!

I got my iPhone 4 S unlocked today was locked to Telus
After several attempts by other unlock companies waiting for over 2 weeks unsuccessfully
I came across Edgar within 45 minutes he was able to unlock my phone
I highly recommend his services

Took my cell phone in to replace the broken glass. Everything looked great until the next week I went to take a selfie and the image was blurry. Called and took it in and they fixed the problem. Thanks

Professional, Courteous, Honest and excellent business for all smartphone related repairs and issues.

I have been to their place twice to get my smartphones fixed and every time, Edgar tried to troubleshoot and see the underlying cause of the problem before giving me any estimate for repairs.

I have found the prices to be very reasonable and even was able to get a loaner smartphone in the interim by phone LCD was waiting to be delivered.

I highly recommend “Get It Fixed” to anyone looking in Calgary to get their smartphones fixed in a professional, quick and trusted manner!

Quality repair, fast, affordable, flexible –  what more could you want?

I totalled the screen on my Nexus 5, to the extent that the phone would shut off during phone calls. I dropped my phone off and within the hour had it back in mint condition, he even replaced the scratched up bumper free of charge! Pricing was also really reasonable compared to other companies.

Made this account purely to write this review. Definitely would recommend.

This is by far the cheapest screen replacement I could ever find in Calgary. Everywhere else I looked it cost at least $120 and then found this as a $70 iPhone 5 screen replacement. It was quick and efficient and saved me a lot of money. I would come here again.

service was quick. Fixed a broken samsung s5 screen within 1 hour.  My daughter is very happy with the result.  He also installed a high qulaity glass screen protector for an extra 10 bucks.
Dont throw your money at the competition, who want 150 to 300 for the same job. This is the guy who will fix your broken screen at the best possible price.

Last year, Edgar replaced the screen on my Note 3. That phone/repair are still in great shape and that Note is still my daily driver. A few weeks ago, I took a Galaxy S5 to Edgar for a screen replacement. That repair was done within 45 minutes and the screen looked and functioned like brand new. Edgar uses LOCA glue in his replacements, not just 2-way tape that will eventually allow dust under the glass (and touch screen problems). If you need your glass replaced, YOU WANT LOCA USED FOR THE REPLACEMENT. Edgar knows how to do this, and do it well. He  is my go-to for any tech issues with my portable devices.

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