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Last year, Edgar replaced the screen on my Note 3. That phone/repair are still in great shape and that Note is still my daily driver. A few weeks ago, I took a Galaxy S5 to Edgar for a screen replacement. That repair was done within 45 minutes and the screen looked and functioned like brand new. Edgar uses LOCA glue in his replacements, not just 2-way tape that will eventually allow dust under the glass (and touch screen problems). If you need your glass replaced, YOU WANT LOCA USED FOR THE REPLACEMENT. Edgar knows how to do this, and do it well. He  is my go-to for any tech issues with my portable devices.

Absolutely phenomenal work, very professional and quick. Took only 20 minutes to repair my completely shattered iPhone 6 screen. Not much for idle chit chat, but lovely nonetheless. Highly recommend his fabulous work!

Fast Service and great work. Looks like new again! Called him in the morning and got my phone back fixed in the afternoon. Only takes about 1 hour – $65 for repairing the glass on a Galaxy S4.

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